Ear Wax Removal

 Ear Wax, What is it?

Welcome to Explore Hearing, where we delve into the intriguing world of ear wax removal. Discover the remarkable secrets behind this unique blend of oil, sweat, hair, and skin. Contrary to common misconceptions, ear wax, scientifically known as cerumen, is far from unclean. In fact, it possesses powerful antibacterial properties that diligently protect your ears from infections. The varying shades of brown and yellow wax, occasionally with hints of red or black, unveil its duration of residence within. Join us at Explore Hearing to embark on an extraordinary journey into the wonders of your auditory well-being. Prepare to unlock a whole new realm of sensational hearing experiences.

What can you do?

If there is a blockage of wax in the ear, you can book a wax removal here, or you can refer to the hearing health page. This will show you the best way to keep clean and maintain your ears. If the wax does not clear then you should use professionals like us to have a ear wax removal. 

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Ear wax removal via microsuction

Microsuction has now become the preferred form of removing wax from the ear. This method is typically up to 70% safer than irrigation but can still cause the same issues . Getting a ear wax removal in this way is normally carried out by private practice and will generally cost anywhere from £40-100 per ear. Are you looking to get your ear wax removed book here.

Should You get the Ear Wax Removed?

This very much depends on how much wax you have in your ears. If there is only a small amount of wax then you should leave it, as some wax is normal and will protect the ear. If, However, you have a completely blocked ear it would be advisable to seek advice or fill in the form below. If you do need you need an ear wax removal, here at Explore Hearing we can get rid of it for you (currently only in Norfolk postcodes).

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Ear wax removal via Irrigation

This is currently the most widely used form of ear wax removal. It is generally used in doctors surgeries by nurses or doctors. The nurse or doctor will ask you to hold a cup by your ear and will proceed to push water into your ear which will flush the wax out. Using irrigation can cause tinnitus, damage to the ear drum, canal wall, make you feel dizzy and sick. For these reasons a lot of doctors surgeries have started to stop this practice for ear wax removal.

What are the symptoms?

You will normally experience a feeling of fullness in the ear, itchiness and a loss of hearing. Sometimes you may get a little pain and dizziness. If you get any more symptoms such as a smell please see a doctor, and feel free to look at the ear infection page.

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Should you try and remove the ear wax yourself?

In short, No! There are many tools out there that advertise ear wax removal tool your can do yourself. This is highly dangerous and could result in damaging your ear beyond repair. We know home treatment seems easy but it could ultimately cost you your hearing. We always recommend seeking professional such as your doctor, nurse or registered hearing aid dispenser like;

Mr Luke Baker RHAD MSHAA FdSc Aud

What about ear candling?

Again No! There has been no evidence that ear candling works, the people that offer this service have not been trained to a professional standard are you are risking the health of you ear and hearing. They will often not even look in your ear before hand nor will they show you after. This is dangerous as you may not even have wax in the ear before starting, they could burn your ear or worse damage the ear drum and middle ear. Once again we do not recommend these practices and always advise you to seek professional help.

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