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Here at Explore Hearing we carry out ear wax removal services. We do this by using the microsuction process. Microsuction is seen as a considerably safer process than irrigation, it involves us essentially using a small vacuum cleaner for you ear.

Do you have ear wax? use the form to see if you should look to get your ears cleaned out.

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Ear wax removal Cromer

Ear wax removal in Cromer is completed using the safest method of ear wax microsuction and this is normally the most effective way of removing ear wax. This will be completed by Mr Luke Baker RHAD MSHAA FdSc Aud, he is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser registered with the HCPC. Luke will come to you at your home and set up the equipment and within 15-20 minutes later your ear wax should be removed. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case and Luke may need to visit you on another occasion.

Should you get the ear wax removed?

This very much depends on how much wax you have in your ears. If there is only a small amount of wax then you should leave it, as some wax is normal and will protect the ear. If, However, you have a completely blocked ear it would be advisable to seek advice or fill in the form below. If you do need your wax removed here at Explore Hearing we can get rid of it for you (currently only in Norfolk postcodes).

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What is the price for earwax removal? – Here at Explore Hearing our prices are £60 -£80 within a 30 mile radius of Norwich see our page Wax Removal Prices for more information.

Can a doctor remove the ear wax from your ear? Yes, but the waiting lists are long and you will be left with wax while you wait. With Explore Hearing ear wax removal norwich you will generally mean you will be seen within a week.

What is the best method for ear wax removal? Ear wax removal via micro suction is generally the best solution to get rid of ear wax.

How do you unblock a full ear of wax? At Explore Hearing our mobile ear wax removal service will generally use microsuction, however, we are also able to use ear irrigation as well, this will only be used if we feel that it is really needed.

Do you syringe ears? – Yes, however, our preferred method is to use microsuction ear wax removal.

Does Explore Hearing have a ear wax removal clinic? – No, here at Explore Hearing we have a mobile ear wax removal service only, for your convenience.

Should you remove ear wax yourself? – In short, No! There are many tools out there that promote ‘cleaning out ear wax’ these ear wax removal tools are usually not certified and can cause irreversible damage to your ears.

Ear wax, what is it?

Very simply put wax is just a mixture of oil, sweat, hair and skin. Most people seem to think that ear wax is dirty. This is not true, in fact, wax also known as cerumen has antibacterial properties, which in turn protect the ear from infections. Typically the colour of earwax is brown/yellowish, this can sometimes include reddish tones and even black. Normally the darker the wax the longer it has been there.

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A bit about Cromer

Cromer is a favourite with families looking for a more traditional seaside holiday. With great sandy beaches, museums, surfing, plenty of attractions and wonderful walking along the Norfolk Coast Path, Cromer is a great place for a holiday, any time of the year.

Cromer is a traditional seaside resort and is famous for its pier, home to a lifeboat station and Pavilion Theatre, where the UK’s only remaining traditional end of the pier variety show takes place each Summer and Winter. The pier is an enduring example of Victorian architecture, having withstood many storms, tidal surges and even an attempt to blow it up by the Government in WW2 to prevent the pier being used as a landing strip for enemy invaders!

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