Hearing Aid Terms and Conditions

You have been fitted with a hearing aid(s) by an experienced, Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and we hope that you are entirely satisfied with your new purchase. As part of your fitting you will be given guidance on how to care for and wear these hearing aids to achieve long-term success, including how to change wax filters (you can also find this on the website). You will also be invited to attend a follow up appointment at 14 and 28 days to ensure your continued satisfaction. In the unlikely event that these hearing aids are not suited to or beneficial to either you or your lifestyle we offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days from purchase (date full balance paid). (If you decline to accept any follow up appointments within the 30 days, we will assume that you are entirely satisfied with your hearing aids, and no refund will be made outside of this period). Alternatively, once fitted with hearing aids, you may decide you would prefer a different fitting style or a higher specification hearing aid (s). You may return your original purchase and exchange for a different model within the 30-day period (Any additional cost will be outlined by the Audiologist for advances in hearing aid specification). Your new hearing aids come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For purchases over £2,500, this is a 5-year warranty and for purchases below £2,500, 2 years. The warranty covers manufacturing faults only and does not cover loss or accidental damage (you should make your own insurance provision for these). The following advice should be followed to ensure successful hearing aid wear: Do…. Wear the hearing aid(s) as demonstrated by the Audiologist. Attend the follow up appointments booked for you. Appreciate adjustment to hearing aids can take time - the first 14 days are crucial in adjusting to your own voice and the sounds around you. Make a commitment to get used to hearing with hearing aids. Exchange domes and wax filters (as shown) every 8-12 weeks or when needed. You will be provided with replacement domes free of charge, and one pack of wax filters. After the first pack, filters are chargeable. (we reserve the right to charge for services relating to excessive wax damage which could have been avoided with routine care). Protect the hearing aids from moisture and high humidity. Don’t… ×Struggle with routine cleaning and wax filters, contact your local store for support. ×Use water or moist products on the domes or receivers, replace domes regularly and use a dry tissue or small brush to remove wax if necessary. ×Give up! If you find adjusting to your new hearing aids tiring re-visit your guidance notes where it explains this is normal. Many people find the initial adjustment quite difficult but with time become successful hearing aid wearers. Take a break if you need to then return to wearing the aids, building up wear time gradually each day. Attending your follow up appointment is the ideal time to discuss any concerns you may be experiencing. By purchasing with us you confirm that it is your responsibility to follow the advice given to you regarding the use of these hearing aids, and you are satisfied that you have been shown how to wear and care for these devices.