Hearing Test Holt

What is a Hearing Test?

A Hearing test simply put is when someone tests your ability to hear in an objective test. This should be completed by a qualified Hearing Aid Dispenser (HAD). Hearing tests are a relatively simple process, Just before starting the hearing test the HAD should look inside your ears. They should do this to make sure the ear canal is free from wax and see ear drum is healthy. Next they should explain what the test is that they are doing. The test they should conduct is called a Pure Tone Audiomety (PTA) test. They will then explain what you should do while the HAD conducts the hearing tests. As part of the hearing tests, the HAD should proceed with a Bone Conduction (BC) test which is similar to the process of the PTA. Not sure if you need a hearing test? check below or Book Today! 

So what will happen next?

The hearing aid dispenser (HAD) Luke Baker, operates home visits only around the Norfolk area including Holt so he will come to you. No matter where you are in Holt. When booking you will be phoned to arrange a specific time and date.

Once you are both introduced and comfortable your Luke will proceed to talking through some intermittent questions. This is what we call taking a history. It is important for Luke to do this for both your safety and so the he can affirm the best choice of hearing aid for you if they are needed.

Fee, there is a small fee for the hearing test this is £49.50, however should you decide to purchase some hearing aids this amount will be taken from the cost. So if you are looking for a Holt based home visit why not Book Today!

What sort questions will they ask?

When going through your case history, the questions about your hearing should be fairly similar wherever you go. This will start with basics such as; how long do you think you have had a hearing loss for?; have you had you hearing tested before?; etc. They will then move into your day to day activity and where you find it difficult to hear. At this point it is vital that you are as honest with your self and your HAD. If you are not it will make it harder for the HAD to do their job correctly. Ultimately it may result in you getting the wrong hearing aids for you need. Finally they will ask you some medical questions. These will range from; have you had tinnitus?; have you ever experienced rotational vertigo; and have you had and surgery on your ears. The reason for this is to make sure the HAD is practising safely. Are you ready to find out about your hearing in Holt? Book Today!


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A bit about Holt

Holt’s fine 18th century Georgian buildings make the town one of the most attractive in north Norfolk. The town is home to many art galleries, antique and book shops and places to eat located along the high street and tucked away in hidden, charming courtyards and alleyways.

The market place in the middle of the town has a cross memorialising the soldiers who lost their lives in the war. Off the market place, a tree lined avenue leads to the 13th century church of St. Andrew. To make sure you see all the key landmarks in the town, take the Holt Owl Trail, by following the owl pavement plaques.